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Welcome visitors from (Fedora,SuSE,Mandriva,...) or "Switchers". You know how to work with your tools but Conary is new for you? Then this page is what you want to read. We try to show you some similarities so you can have a good start. Be aware that Conary still is very different and is much more powerful than RPM. But for now this should be enough. And BTW. as this is a wiki page your input is always welcome.

Generally you should know that Conary packages contain troves, which you can install/deinstall. Conary is not a frontend like YUM (on Fedora) is for RPM. Also we are still missing a real GUI for installation. But this is in the works and should be available on one of our next releases, hopefully.

What troves does a package have?

# conary q gnome-games --troves

So here you see that the package gnome-game contains of five different troves. You actually can work with conary mostly on each trove instead of just the package name. Also you could deinstall the docs package if these are not required by another package.

Is package name "X installed?

  • RPM: rpm -q X
  • Conary: conary q X

List package X content

  • RPM: rpm -ql X
  • Conary: conary q X --ls

Hint: You can also do "conary q X --lsl" to see all the file permissions.

List all installed packages

  • RPM: rpm -qa X
  • Conary: conary q

What versions of package X are available?

  • Fedora: yum search X
    • actually that does a full search, maybe there is a better command?
  • Conary: conary rq X

Install and Update package X

  • Fedora: yum install X (yum takes "install" or "update")
  • Conary: conary update X

Update whole system

  • Fedora: yum update
  • Conary: conary updateall

Distribution Upgrade to next higher version

  • Fedora: yum upgrade
  • Conary: conary updateall

Be aware that you are not getting warned if you switch to a higher version of Foresight. It just happens with updateall.

What provides the file /bin/X ?

  • RPM: rpm -q --what-provides X
  • Conary: conary q --path /path/to/X